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    Videos for large format graphic displays are an attention-grabbing and highly influential media.  While at a trade show, surrounded by competitors with flashy booths you need a presentation that converts casual observers into leads.

    Show a booth's worth of information on a single screen. Give your clients a way to learn about the product without the feeling of "being pitched".

    Create an untiring sales rep that works in the background giving your human sales team more time to close the deal.

    Since your display and product are best in show lines always form to speak with your sales team.  How many people get bored and wonder off?  How many are too shy?  Too impatient?  Use videos to entertain or inform during these crucial minutes.

    We help chose your media.  From monitors and LCDs to plasma screens: large displays have been falling in price and becoming more rentable. Let us create your DVD, VHS tape or CD and help you with the setup.

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